An Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I could have called it thoughts on things, becasue I will generally display thoughts on things. But for some reason I decided to call it The Paradoxical Paradigm. It makes it seems more like I’m discussing things with people that should make sense but don’t really make sense.

Because that’s what people do, isn’t it? We all love something so much we hate it. A love for something that doesn’t love you back and instead hurls your favorite characters from the top of tall structures or allows you to live your life knowing your letter to Hogwarts got lost in the mail. An unconscious choice to live and experience many lives and a conscious choice to never leave your room.  And I think that’s beautiful. Entirely unhealthy, but beautiful nonetheless.

So I’m going to talk about it. We’re going to talk about it. Opening discussions and having random bouts of fun and all that. And occasionally we may chose to talk about a new movie or a new book and spread the word.

Join the party. It’ll be fantastic.



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