Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor


I assume we all know by now that Peter Capaldi has been cast as the 12th Doctor. If you don’t know this, I assume it’s because you don’t watch Doctor Who. At which point I would suggest leaving this blog right now and watching it. I recommend you watch at least 9 and 10 before going to Classic Who, but that’s just me. Go on. This’ll still be here when you get back.

Anyway. When this was first announced, I knew of Peter Capaldi, but I had only see him in Doctor Who (The Fires of Pompeii, season 4, episode 3) and World War Z (which I review here). After he was cast, I was in the sort of lull one feels when the new Doctor isn’t black, so I thought I’d see what he really had to offer. So I watched In the Loop. I then proceeded to fall in love.

Here’s the deal: Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor with range. He can be a soft and caring fatherly type, and he can also tell someone to fuck off more than eighty times in in a single film. He sold some pretty creative cursing. I think he’ll make a good Doctor and I’m very excited to see what he does with the role.

Some people are less than excited. Some people were dead set on a woman (which I cover here)  or a ginger.  Others (like me) were hoping for a black Doctor. According to Neil Gaiman, a writer on Doctor Who, a black actor was offered the role and he didn’t take it. That would sadden my heart quite a bit more if I didn’t like Capaldi so much. I mean, just say his name. Capaldi. Capaldi. Capaldi.

But I don’t really want to talk about the disappointment people see in Capaldi. I would prefer to speculate about all the things he could possibly do that would be awesome. Here we go.

Future-Sonic-Screwdriver-Doctor-Who_12496-lHis Screwdriver. What will it look like? Considering the fact that Eleven has had not one, but two different TARDIS consoles, I think it’s safe to say Twelve gets a new sonic. It was red, then blue, then green. I think the next one should be purple because why the hell not. Maybe he’ll even have one that’ll do wood.

His TARDIS. The TARDIS console doesn’t always change between Doctors. Nine and Ten had the same console. Considering the fact that, again, Eleven ha two friggin consoles I think it’s safe to say we’ll be getting a new one.

His companions. We know Clara will be there at the start, but something tells me she’ll  be leaving at the end of season eight. Who should join him in the TARDIS then? Someone like Sarah Jane, maybe? A sassy Donna? A fabulous Jo? Will we have more than one companion?

His Doctor. Do you want to see someone quirky or kooky? Dark? Personally, I would love to see a Doctor who goes around insulting people and just doesn’t realize he’s doing it. While Clara just follows him around and apologizes for his antics. I don’t know why I would like that. I Just would. Quite a bit.  

Let me know what you think about the new Doctor and such in the comments below! And while we’re on the subject, I feel the need to ask:

Who is your favorite Doctor and what did you like about him? Favorite Companion(s)?




  1. Haha, I would love to see Twelve be that kind of Doctor too 😀 I was also rooting for a black Doctor, and I would have been very down with a lady Doctor as well. Or, y’know, both. Anyway, I have to confess I haven’t looked into Capaldi since he took the role, but you make him sound totally awesome. 🙂

    Eleven is my Doctor, although I haven’t finished watching all of Ten’s run, but I don’t think my allegiance will be swayed (no matter how much people bang on about Ten) because even though I saw a couple of Tennant’s episodes first, Matt Smith was the first Doctor I properly followed and who really established himself as the Doctor in my head. Even though I began to like the things that Moffat was doing with the show less and less as they went on. :/

    As for companions, though, if Sally Sparrow from Blink counts as a companion then I would definitely pick her 😀 I don’t think she does though, so I’d have to go with Rory Williams. With Donna Noble a close second.

    1. From what Moffat has been saying thus far, Capaldi will be exactly that kind of Doctor. =)

      A lot of people started with eleven. The show got really popular during ten and so they gave the show more money and got a new production team (which is a big chunk of the reason why Tennant bowed out -_-) and so when eleven showed up everything was big and exciting and so utterly new. I loved eleven’s first episode (I’ve seen it many times) but generally hated the 5th season the first time I watched it. Ah. I’m rambling. Anyway, there are moments when I fear eleven might have become my favorite, but then I return to ten and erase all doubts. I haven’t decided what order to put eleven, three, and four though. I am ending this line of thought.

      Yeah, Moffat’s story lines are starting to feel rushed and/or anti-climatic. He’s all but abandoned exposition a and the 50th special will only be 75 minutes. That’s shorter than a normal episode of Sherlock. Granted, I’ll watch it and love every second of it on principle, but I’m really worried he’ll just start to rush things.

      Sparrow! I love her. She could have been a fantastic companion if given the chance. Of all the one-off girls ten met along the way, I was particularly fond of Madame de Pompadour (however the hell you spell that). The little one he met in the fourth season Christmas special was perfect and it was depressing. As things tend to go with ten. Anyway. I change my mind on a daily basis, but today I like Sarah Jane Smith, Donna Noble, Rory, Captain Jack, and River Song.

  2. Ah! I love, love the idea of him being insulting without realizing it. I think Capaldi would pull that off so well. How do you really choose a favorite Doctor? They have all had so many wonderful aspects. I tend to lean toward Ten because it was so fun watching him in action. When Eleven came along I thought I’d never recover. This is of course wore off as we all saw how amazing Eleven was. I have real confidence in their casting and the writer’s committment to the material. I think the the best word to describe my feelings for Capaldi is curious, very curious.

    (p.s. It’s the Doctor Who presence in your blog that hooked me into following you. :] )

    1. Curious. I like it. =)

      Ten is my Doctor. No matter how much I love any of the others, I always go back to Ten. I don’t know what it is specifically. He’s quirky but still passionate, if that’s the right word. I had a similar reaction to Eleven. I only started watched the show last summer so I didn’t really have time to process and recover between Ten and Eleven. But I do love him and I will miss him. But I’m excite for Capaldi. And it really helps that I’m a fan of his (now). And David and Matt are brilliant too. I also love Jon Pertwee (Three). And I love Sarah Jane and Donna and Jack and Rory and ah I could talk for ages about how much I love these things. =)

      (p.s. I’m so glad. I was starting to think Harry Potter would just get all the attention =P)

      1. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have an unhealthy love for anything Harry Potter. But like yourself, I’m only a recent Whovian (say, in the last two years) and it’s real hard not to get caught up.

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