30 Day Geekgasm

There are a ton of challenged out there to keep new bloggers on their heels and whatnot. For this blog, I’ve found I don’t like any of them. So I’ve mixed and matched and created my own. I call it: 30 Day Geekgasm. I use the suffix ‘gasm’ because, as I’m sure you know, geeking out for 30 days is not a challenge. Here’s the list:

Day 1: Favorite Comic Book

Day 2: All time favorite science fiction movie

Day 3: Favorite Super villain

Day 4: Best Explosion

Day 5: Least favorite movie

Day 6: Best Movie Quote

Day 7: Something you thought you’d hate but loved

Day 8: Favorite Fantasy movie

Day 9: Classic TV show

Day 10: Dream weapon (to be used in a scifi or fantasy epic)

Day 11: A ridiculous fanfiction everyone should definitely read

Day 12: Comic quote day

Day 13: The Trilogy (What’s yours?)

Day 14: Bring it forth from obscurity!

Day 15: Favorite video game

Day 16: Something you hate that everyone loves

Day 17: Something you love that everyone hates

Day 18: Favorite character in geekdom

Day 19: Favorite geek in geekdom

Day 20: Anime and Manga!

Day 21: Reboots!

Day 22: Books!

Day 23: Best/worst film adaptation

Day 24: Favorite super hero

Day 25: Top 5 characters

Day 26: Sort your top five characters into Houses at Hogwarts

Day 27: Give us a geeky song

Day 28: Now give us a nerdy song

Day 29: Fantastic mind benders

Day 30: Your guilty pleasure

Now, I realize i call this a ‘geekgasm’ and several items on this list may call for a bit of negativity, but there ain’t no debate like a geeky debate! I’m starting later today or tomorrow. Anyone can do my challenge! If you are, let me know so I can follow you (if I’m not already).

(p.s. I have another blog up for those of you who are literature fans. Take a look! http://literarycavalcade.wordpress.com/)



  1. I’ve just discovered this, and I’m very tempted to do the challenge myself – maybe in November, since that month nice and conveniently has 30 days. Looking through your topics, some of the answers immediately spring to mind, whilst others will take more thought. Daily updates would be a bit of a departure from the norm for me, but that’s what a challenge is all about! It’s tempting to start right away, but I have a couple of things already planned for later this month, so I’ll wait until November and make some notes to tide me over until then.

    Thanks for the challenge!

    1. Awesome! Yeah, I kind of had the same thought making the challenge. I’m doing it this month to kind up wake up my blog. And November is NaNoWriMo, so I won’t be blogging quite as much that month.

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad you like it. =)

      1. 🙂 Normally I do NaNoWriMo in November, but I’ve decided I’m definitely not doing it this year, so I have a little bit of scope to take something else on. I think fitting this into my schedule will be less stressful than attempting NaNo.

        While we’re here, do you mind if I clarify a couple of the things you wrote for the challenges? I’ve been brainstorming answers since I read your post, but I got stuck on these ones. Day 18 – how does “favourite character in geekdom” differ from your top 5 characters in day 25 and 26? What do you mean by “geekdom” in this context? And related to that, is Day 19 supposed to refer to a real person? Like a YouTube vlogger or someone like that?

        Day 29 – What do you mean by “mind benders”? Like, films or TV shows which do your head in, that kind of thing?

        Thanks ;3

        1. Okay. By ‘favorite character in geekdom’ I basically mean what you consider to be geekdom. For me, one of my favorite characters of all time appears in some slightly girlie book about maps. That’s not exactly geekdom for me. Like, for me I can geek out about that book, but I consider geekdom to be when the geeks come together in mutual geek out. Yeah. For day 25/26 you can certainly include you favorite character in geekdom, but I thought that one might have a bit more leeway than harsh geekdom and you could allow the world to see you geek out about something they haven’t considered geeking out about. Day 19 can be a real person if you like. If you don’t like, it could be character in geekdom who is a geek. I think either would be appropriate.

          Yeah. Day 29 is stuff that’s just confusing and like wat. Like time paradoxes or anything Stanley Kubrick has made ever. Like I think one fantastic mind bender I might include on that day is the comic ‘Red Son’ because timey wimey paradox. Yeah.

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