Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!



If you haven’t caught it yet, I’m afraid you don’t have enough time to catch ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ before the 50th special. It was a beautiful story. Be sure to take a peek after the 50th!

Have a great day, everyone!



    1. It’s a movie that recounts the start and early years of Doctor Who up to the regeneration of the 1st Doctor. It’s really special because it truly was an unlikely set of people. The head of Drama at BBC in 1963 was Canadian and he had the idea, which he gave to a woman who he made the first female producer at BBC and a director who was the only Indian working at the BBC. So there was a bit of racism and sexism and the head of Drama didn’t like how they did it at first, and then the higher ups tried to pull it. And then the whole thing with William Hartnell, the first Doctor. It was sad but happy. Kind of nostalgic and hopeful. it was beatiful and i loved it and I answer questions like Kevin Smith. xD

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