I have stumbled upon many a fanfiction in my time. Some of them are so bad I can’t even handle it, filled with pairings I could never ship, AU characters that may as well be called OCs and so many authors placing themselves in the story I momentarily lose my faith in humanity.

But some of them are really good. Or just crazy enough to work. So I’m going to pop over to and pick out some of the fanfiction, in no particular order, that I have called my favorite. Enjoy.

1. Blue’s Clues. Yes, indeed. Blue’s Clues. I couldn’t find it (I didn’t really look for it), but I swear to you this is true. At one point in my life, I found a Blue’s Clues fanfiction on this website. It was a love story between Blue and Periwinkle. There were two. One of them was smutty, because some people have severe mental problems, and the other one was slightly adorable and i don’t know why it isn’t it my favorites because i carried it around for like two hours making people read it.

2. Fly By Twilight. There’s this whole series of Twilight/Maximum Ride crossovers called Fly By Twilight, and I quite enjoy them. While, in the end, I don’t particularly love Twilight or Maximum Ride, there’s something pretty epic about that series. Like, that’s how you fanfiction, bro.

3. Star Pupil. This is a Glee one. Again, I’ve lost the majority of my original love for Glee (I will always love the first season, and the second season is good too) but I really like this one. It’s actually a very well written and totally emotional piece about Kurt and his mom, but with an action-y (and science fiction-y in the sequel) twist because I’m weird.

4. The Wicked One. This is one of my major favorites, a Teen Titans fanfic focusing on Kyd Wykkyd. he’s my favorite and I don’t know why. Seriously, when I originally watched the show I latched on to Jericho and Kyd Wykkyd even thought they really didn’t do much. Even though the sixth season was going to go into Jericho’s story but you know it’s whatever. Anyway. It’s a really cool look at friendship and what it really means to be a hero and stuff like that. I love it so much and dear lord there’s a sequel.

5. It Happened in the Village. Another  Twilight one. I think i enjoy reading Twilight fiction more than Twilight. A bit of a guilty pleasure. A lot of a guilty pleasure. Don’t judge me. This one follows the witch twins through their childhood in the 800s. it hasn’t been updated in a year, but I got 9 incredibly interesting chapters. It’s a really good one.

6. Destiny. Decisions. These two are also Twilight and they involve romance with Alec. That’s as much as I’m telling you because I’m already slightly embarrassed, but also honest. And, honestly, I like the idea of Alec quite a bit.

7. (im)Perfect. Because I’m a dirty sap. It’s Adventure Time. It’s about Marshal Lee and Gumball, because I appreciate them. So yeah.

7. Lifetime. Okay. My nerd is showing. This is a SuperWho fanfiction. Sorry, not SuperWhoLock. I can only handle so much at once. Anyway, this one is actually really cool because it mostly focuses on the 10th Doctor, and how he meets Sam and Dean (but mostly Dean) at different points throughout their  lives. They tend to meet out of order. It’s very well put together, and quite interesting. That chapter aren’t too long either. So it’s just really cool so far.

Yeah. Those are the fanfictions I like. I feel slightly naked. Goodbye now.


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