The Fair Haired Child

It is day 14 of the 30 Day Geekgasm, and I am slightly ashamed from my lack of posting and the unfortunate truth that i started this in October and I have done a grand total of 14 days. Seeing as final are over and I have two weeks off from school, I plan to remedy that. Anywho, it’s time to bring it forth from obscurity!

The Fair Haired Child


I cannot tell you why I like this movie so much. (Actually, it’s a self contained episode of a TV show, but, you know, whatever). Perhaps the stop-go animated creep ass in the basement, the creepy cello player, or the part when I think I decided to love this movie: there is no fanfare when the man kidnaps the girl. He hits her with his car. It’s brilliant.

Here, have a synopsis:

A warlock couple abduct a young teenage girl to sacrifice her to a mysterious and evil entity as an offering to resurrect their long-dead boy.

And their long-dead boy is the cutie in the picture above. Basically, they’ve been trying to cement his resurrection and, in order to do that, they have to kill a certain number of people as sacrifice. So while he’s in sort of limbo-life, every night he turns into that ridiculous thing up there, with the idea being that he kills the people while he’s a monster. He does not enjoy this, and he likes the girl they throw at him. So a revolt occurs, shit gets really weird for a minute, and then he’s alive again.

It’s just wonderful.

I haven’t seen any other episode of this show, and i don’t feel like I need to. This one, at least, was on Netflix instant the last time I checked. Go watch it.



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