Freakin’ Avatar


I do not geekgasm about Avatar. Avatar the blue people, not Avatar the air bender. The air bender is my absolute favorite. The blue people? Not so much.

Yet, I’ve found that the majority of people I talk to love this movie. And I can understand why. Almost.

A lot of it comes from how much I hate James Cameron. I think he’s a self obsessed asshole. That being said, he’s a brilliant visual director. One of the best I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t mind his cocky-ness there.. It’s be annoying, sure, but generally well deserved. My problem with him is how uppity he gets about his stories, talking about them like they’re breaking bounds or something, when in reality they’re paint-by-number seen-it-before type things. I’ve seen his biggest asshole-ness coming from Avatar and Titanic. And I can’t handle it.

The story in Avatar is not original. I’m not saying it has to be, but he treats it like he’s the first one who came up with the idea of a soldier going to meets some native enemies and joining them instead of destroying them. Many people treat it like that, actually. I want to hit them. Because there is nothing revolutionary about the story in Avatar. The revolution is the imagery! The cinematography! Both are perfect. But it blew up into this giant, terrible, monstrous thing and James Cameron thought it’s be okay to give an acceptance speech in Na-vee.

And the rock they couldn’t find was called unobtainium.

Let me break that down for you. Un-obtainium. Un-obtain-ium. Freaking unobtainium.

I can’t even handle it.

And you know as well as I that I’ve reached the point of no return when I start complaining about the name of the rock.

Well. What did you think about Avatar? Yay or nay? Agree or disagree? Let me know, and have a nice day.



  1. Oh, agree all the way. I mean, I still enjoy ‘Avatar’ – it’s extremely pretty and I like the story even as I acknowledge its utter predictability – but ground-breaking narrative it is NOT. Does James Cameron really try to argue that? Do people actually BELIEVE him? God almighty.

    Also, acceptance speech in Na’vi, WHAT

    *snort* Unobtanium. He might as well have called it “lazywritingum”. Or “can’tbearsedtothinkofadecentnameium.”

    1. People were actually surprised when it didn’t win the best picture Oscar. Tis a sad world, indeed.

      I believe it was the golden globe he got for Avatar. He fully expected it and wrote up the speech which he read for everyone. It wasn’t short, either.

      xD My personal favorite: can’t-find-ium.

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