The Best Characters Vol. 1

It’s some day of the 30 Day Geekgasm, and I’m going to talk about some epic characters. For the purpose of this post, I’m going focus on characters that are connected to a fandom. While I don’t doubt my abilities to geek out about characters that you may have not even thought to geek out about, I’m in a geek-community sort of mood. There may or may not be spoilers ahead, none of them remotely recent. 

I wish to be embraced by my fandoms.

And so, we begin.

Captain Jack Harkness

2606230-captain_jack_harknessThis wonderful guy is from Doctor Who. If you’ve been following this blog, you might find that I am compeltely in love with the show. I spent about three hours writing my Ode to Doctor Who. I bring up Captain Jack in that post, too. But, really, what I love about Captain Jack is that is good nature is not buried under his flirtatious personality. He is good and flirty at the same time. There is no conflict of interest. In fact, his goodness is often portrayed through his flirting. One top of that, he’s pansexual and it’s no big deal. He makes me laugh so hard and he’s so genuine, this is this one of those characters that captures your heart. He hasn’t been in the show since the fourth season. 



But, Moffat has discussed the possibility of a return. Mostly, I just want to see jack freak out over Clara. That’s all I want. I mean, he can’t die. They’re bound to bump into him eventually. Come on. Please. 

(This is going to turn into another Doctor Who post is I don’t move on immediately)




Perhaps I should change the theme to slightly sexually ambiguous men with guns. Crowley is a demon on Supernatural. Or, perhaps, he was. Admittedly, I couldn’t get through season six of the show because I love it so much and I couldn’t bear to watch it suffer. Nevertheless, Crowley is the best. He’s not good, but he is just so much fun. Every scene he’s in makes me laugh so hard. I believe my favorite was when he snapped an iPhone picture of him kissing Bobby. I could not contain my laughter. I even giggle just a little bit every time he calls Sam ‘Moose’. Basically, Crowley is a terrible person, but he’s helping the Winchesters and it’s played out in a way that actually makes sense, and is so funny I can’t even handle it. Crowley is my soul sister.

Captain Jack Harkness is, indeed, also my soul sister.  

Dr. John Watson

john-watson-sherlock6Speaking of sexually ambiguous men with guns. Okay, I couldn’t resist. But, for the sake of honesty, I don’t actually ship Sherlock and John because it weirds me out. There’s only so much I can handle. Also, I very stubbornly stick to the idea that two people are capable of being extremely close friends without getting romantically involved. But, you know, to each his own. 


I love John because he is perfect. That’s the only argument there is. Honestly, I wish I had a friend like John. But I imagine everyone does. I’m perfectly content with my John, though. My John is mighty fine. Just, you know, not the John. 

What is this? A SuperWhoLock post, you say? And not a Winchester in sight!

Let me know some of your favorite characters below, then proceed to have a lovely day. 



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