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I could never get into the Harry Potter books.

Allow me to explain. I read books 6 and 7 (they were great) and read about all the other books because I just couldn’t get into J.K. Rowling’s style. There was usually nothing happening at the beginning, and I just didn’t care enough to proceed. But I’ve researched and seen all of the movies, and I’m on Pottermore.

I kind of hate Pottermore, because everything takes so long to come out and you don’t actually get a full sense of being within the stories, which should be completely possible based on the other internet games and interactive stories I see floating around. That being said, trudging through a bit of frustration is totally worth it when you go to get your wand and get sorted into a house.

So if you’re not on Pottermore, leave here right now and go get on Pottermore.

I stalled the hat between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, but I identify more strongly with Ravenclaw. Also, I have a Screech Owl. My wand is hard, 13in, and Hazel with a Dragon Heartstring core. I’m very proud of my wand. As a point of curiosity – have you been on Pottermore?

Roll call! What is your house and wand classifications?



    1. Party on. =] Yeah I have two accounts on Pottermore. I got the exact same wand both times, but the first time I got Ravenclaw and the second time I got Slytherin. It was weird. Totally a Ravenclaw at heart. Though, when Slytherin wins the house cup, like they usually do, I can pretend that it’s my house without really lying. Some say that’s a very Slytherin thing for me to do, but I say the Slytherin thing is to actually get up and win it. =P

      1. Haha, I have a few accs too and besides Slytherin I was placed in Ravenclaw as well 🙂

        True, though some of us can be kind of lazy to get up. Haha! I havent been on the site for a while but I still celebrate when my house wins. LOL

        1. Haha, for sure! It was really weird last year when I logged on and found that Hufflepuff had won the house cup. I so did not see that coming. Mad love from Hufflepuff, but I’m surprised any year it doesn’t go to Slytherin. xD

          1. Oh, yea, I remember us winning twice and Gryffindor once. Was not sure on the last one. Hopefully either the snakes or the ravens take it the next round 🙂

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