Dragon Age: Meet the Heroes, Part II


Dragon Age has recently began releasing character teases leading up to their Monday reveal at E3. In the past, we had bios from CassandraVivienneMorrigan, and Varric. And while what we’re getting aren’t quite full profiles, they’re definitely intriguing and do a lot to suggest the motivations and general personalities of the characters in the game.

So far, they’ve released teasers for Sera and Iron Bull. Today, we get to see Blackwall:


Me thinks The Resolve is going to be a bit of a hard ass. I’m glad we get to have a warden with us, though: it opens us up to the possibility of seeing a Warden-Hawke-sibling and, much more importantly, The Hero of Ferelden. Back to Blackwall, he seems like the kind of guy you can count on. Doesn’t look like the kind of guy you can joke with.

I’m still unreasonably excited, and I’m still going to be posting up to and around E3. Have a nice day.



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