Dragon Age: Meet the Heroes


Dragon Age has recently began releasing character teases leading up to their Monday reveal at E3. In the past, we had bios from Cassandra, Vivienne, Morrigan, and Varric. And while what we’re getting aren’t quite full profiles, they’re definitely intriguing and do a lot to suggest the motivations and general personalities of the characters in the game.

So far, we’ve seen Sera and Iron Bull:


Sera (The Wildcard) is an elven archer and companion to the Inquisitor. Based on this quote, I can say she is probably someone I am going to like. Undoubtedly angry and damaged (like most companions), she appears to have her own moral code and her own ways of doing things. I get the sense that she’ll be the quiet mysterious type, but I’ve been wrong before.


The Muscle. I already like this guy. He strikes me as a machine. A very big, rather creative, fighting machine. Earlier in the year, he was described as a mercenary. I get that from him.

I’m still unreasonable exited for this game, and I’m going to keep posting new information as I get it. Stay tuned, my friends.



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