Dragon Age: Inquisition – Official Trailer

It’s here!

This new trailer gives us a closer look into the characters, story, combat, and game play. There are a lot of interesting things happening in the story, the trailer focusing on companions that have already been released.

So I’m going to break it down and speculate about it.

It begins with what appears to be the Inquisitor falling out of the fade. I mean, it’s definitely the inquisitor. It only appears that he’s falling out of the fade. As the camera moves out, we see three soldiers wearing a familiar insignia surrounding the inquisitor, as well as red lyrium.

Then there’s a close up of someone. I can’t tell who it is. It could be Cullen just as easily as the default appearance for the inquisitor. What’s interesting is what we see next – Leliana  clearly a prison in what looks to me like one of the Inquisitor’s keeps. But because of the dead body hanging off to the right, I would have to assume she’s been taken by the red Templars or some other nefarious group. Or, the Inquisitor is like Fenris and just leaves dead bodies around for decoration and Leliana is really in trouble with someone.

Next we see Sera walking through a field outside of a burned-down village. There is the outline of more buildings in the background, but i am not going to even pretend to know where she is.

Then for the next few seconds I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s making me happy.

When we get to the ‘chaos has left its mark upon me’ it really looks like the Inquisitor is not fully in control, but is also capable of opening more tears in the veil. Which would explain what appeared to be a strategically placed veil-tear in the 30-minute game play video leaked a little while back, as well as the fact that the Inquisitor states that people are seeking him out for his power – it’s got to be more than closing up the veil. And it is very likely that this connection we will have to the fade as the Inquisitor will be really, really cool.

Next up, we see Vivienne in some really cool armor, moving to join Varric, Solus, and Iron Bull in the hallway. Following by Cassandra marching through a hall filled with soldiers. And at one minute and seven seconds, Morrigan makes her return. This makes it seem like she’ll be very involved in the plot, even if she’s not a companion.


Then we see Sera, Vivienne, Iron Bull, and the Inquisitor running toward what appears to be the keep that was shown being taken in that 30 minute game play leak video. The companions are in an interesting configuration, and I really hope it wasn’t just for the sake of drama. I’d love to be able to send my companions up ahead of me.

More cool stuff that I need not describe that makes me quite happy.

And, finally, we end with Leliana, still in trouble, about to be tortured for information, but holding her resolve. And all the fanboys squee.

Basically, this trailer tells us nothing. It shows some really cool stuff, calls for some fruitless explanation, and still leaves everything up for surprise. But if the game is as good as the trailer, then i think this just might be the Dragon Age I’ve been waiting for.

And I’m going to keep talking about it until I have it in my hands. At which point i’ll stop because I’ll be playing it.



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