Cassandra Pentaghast – The Believer


Miranda Raison is returning to voice Cassandra for DA:I. If you don’t know, this chameleon has appeared in Doctor Who, Merlin, and 24: Live Another Day.

She is both pious and driven, the sword in the right hand of the Divine, seeking justice above all else.

Cassandra is another familiar face in the world of Dragon Age. She first appears in Dragon Age 2, interrogating Varric in 9.40 Dragon (3 years after the events of DA2). This prompts Varric to tell her (and, by extension, the player) the story of Hawke – The Champion of Kirkwall and the person right at the center of the start of the mage-templar war. As she says in DA2, she isn’t looking for stories, she’s looking for the truth.

She is a tough, but also a bit of a romantic. Made clear as we see her becoming a fan of Hawke during Varric’s story. As a member of the Seekers of Truth, Cassandra continues to serve the Divine in her quest to end the chaos. Despite this, it is still unclear exactly where Cassandra stands in the conflict. So far, it looks like she’s fallen somewhere in the middle. She has doubts, and is beginning to see the world in shades of grey (rather than a rigid black and white).

She is known to generally ‘see eye to eye’ with Bull and Vivienne. As for her relationship with the Inquisitor – well, she’s a confirmed romance option. it is unknown whether she will be gay, straight, or bi (fingers crossed for a bi Cassandra) , or have any racial preference. But we do know that she is more than her harsh exterior, and very much a romantic.

What are your thoughts on Cassandra? So far, I’m really excited to get to explore her character in Inquisition. I found her interesting in DA2, and I can’t wait for more. And, yes, I am very open to a romance. Leave your your thoughts in the comments below!


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