The Inqusitior


Let those who would destroy us step into the light.


The Inquisitor is the protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the third protagonist of a major game. The Inquisitor is the sole survivor of Breach tearing open during a peace conference at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. They emerge from the fade are found by Cassandra and her people. Though the Inquisitor is initially considered a threat, they eventually become the leader of the Inquisition, tasked with creating order and investigating the veil tears. On top of that, this character has the unique ability to close veil tears and manipulate the fade, expressed by a glowing green scar on his or her left hand.

Character Creation

270px-Inquisitor_faces_modelsThe character creation will work very similarly to previous games. The character will choose a gender (male or female), then a race. Unlike in previous games, we can play as a human, elf, dawrf, or qunari. There is a specific story that goes along with each race. After that you choose a class. You can play as a mage, warrior, or rogue. As in previous games, a dwarf cannot be a mage.

The selection of race with determine the Inquisitor’s background. All that has been confirmed so far is a qunari inquisitor will be Vashoth (as opposed to Tal-Vashoth), Meaning that, while you are racially qunari, you were never introduced to the Qun. An elven inuisitor will be Dalish. It is assumed, as well, that a dwarven inquisitor is a noble, as their last name is Cadash.

You will also have the option to choose a voice for the Inquisitor. There are two recorded female voices, and two recorded male voices (one American, one British). One of the confirmed female voices is Alix Wilton Regan. She also voiced Comm Specialist Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect 3.


The Inquisitor is a very powerful character. Of course they’re a badass, but they also have a huge amount of political power. You decide, as the Inquisitor, what kind of leader you want to be and what exactly the role of the Inquisition is. It is possible, if you try really hard to alienate everyone, to end the game with only one companion. It is also possible to end the game with a fully party. As seen in the 30 minute gameplay footage released a couple of months ago, your companions have big and palpable reactions to the decisions you make, and quick decisions can have huge consequences. For example, in the first gameplay trailer we see Varric leaning over dead bodies looking positively forlorn. In the gameplay footage, we learn that this happened as a direct result of a decision made by the Inquisitor. It was a decision that shocked your captain and one that Varric disagreed with. This was in issue where Cassandra would insist that the town needs the stronghold, and Varric would insist that there won’t be a town unless we leave the stronghold and defend the people. This makes me think that, when it comes down to it, you need to choose whether to protect to people of Thedas or to protect your assets and strongholds. It will be a bit more complex than that, but it’s certainly something we have to look forward to.

Unlike Hawke, the Inquisitor is not a ‘leaf in the wind.’

You aren’t waiting for the world to act upon you. You are acting upon it, both because you have an organization at your back. This gives you greater reach. You’re not walking into a camp and begging for help. You’re pounding down the gates of a castle and demanding that they come onto your side.

This will open up the options to really decide what the Inquisition is for. This is a new option in the Dragon Age franchise as The Grey Warden organization is about eight centuries old when you join it, and Hawke was simply thrown about by the poor decisions of others. As the Inquisitor, you are the founder of the organization, and you’re the one making the decisions that throw people like Hawke around.


There will be much less auto dialogue than in Dragon Age 2, something more similar to Mass Effect. Although, it is unclear whether or not we’ll have the same sort of personality options. I image those options will be extended, less one note, while still leaving the option for a witty or humorous response that has been present in every Dragon Age Game so far. When it comes down to it, you can customize this characters in ways you have before, and in ways that might be similar.

What are you hoping to see from the inquisitor? let me know in the comments below.


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