E3 2014 Trailer Roundup: Day One

I’m taking a slight break from my obsessive posting about Dragon Age: Inquisition to share all the great trailers from some really epic-looking games that premiered at E3 yesterday. Enjoy!

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By Hedge

E3 is back, and with is a slew of new games for console generations old and new. As we have in the past, we’ll be rounding up the trailers and info we can find each day and posting them for your edification. This is a big year folks, the first e3 since the 8th Gen consoles dropped and so we’re getting a lot of footage from next-gen only titles. Where available I’ll include info like release windows or dates and which platforms the game will be for. Games are presented in no specific order.

Halo 2 Anniversary and Master Chief Collection

The first is a graphical overhaul of the classic Halo game, while the second provides four Halo games, the ones centred around Spartan 117 in a single package that appears at first glance to be set in some overworld wraparound story featuring the protagonist of Halo…

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An Update

This blog has been quiet for the past couple of weeks, and for that I sincerely apologize. I could parade the usual excuses, or I could move on and actually tell you something worth reading. From now on, I’ll be posting at least three times a month. Maybe more if I have extra time or get some SUGGESTIONS. Because I really like to get SUGGESTIONS. So much so that I feel a need to hit caps lock every time I write the word SUGGESTIONS. Ahem.

That is all.

An Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I could have called it thoughts on things, becasue I will generally display thoughts on things. But for some reason I decided to call it The Paradoxical Paradigm. It makes it seems more like I’m discussing things with people that should make sense but don’t really make sense.

Because that’s what people do, isn’t it? We all love something so much we hate it. A love for something that doesn’t love you back and instead hurls your favorite characters from the top of tall structures or allows you to live your life knowing your letter to Hogwarts got lost in the mail. An unconscious choice to live and experience many lives and a conscious choice to never leave your room.  And I think that’s beautiful. Entirely unhealthy, but beautiful nonetheless.

So I’m going to talk about it. We’re going to talk about it. Opening discussions and having random bouts of fun and all that. And occasionally we may chose to talk about a new movie or a new book and spread the word.

Join the party. It’ll be fantastic.