Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor


I assume we all know by now that Peter Capaldi has been cast as the 12th Doctor. If you don’t know this, I assume it’s because you don’t watch Doctor Who. At which point I would suggest leaving this blog right now and watching it. I recommend you watch at least 9 and 10 before going to Classic Who, but that’s just me. Go on. This’ll still be here when you get back.

Anyway. When this was first announced, I knew of Peter Capaldi, but I had only see him in Doctor Who (The Fires of Pompeii, season 4, episode 3) and World War Z (which I review here). After he was cast, I was in the sort of lull one feels when the new Doctor isn’t black, so I thought I’d see what he really had to offer. So I watched In the Loop. I then proceeded to fall in love.

Here’s the deal: Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor with range. He can be a soft and caring fatherly type, and he can also tell someone to fuck off more than eighty times in in a single film. He sold some pretty creative cursing. I think he’ll make a good Doctor and I’m very excited to see what he does with the role.

Some people are less than excited. Some people were dead set on a woman (which I cover here)  or a ginger.  Others (like me) were hoping for a black Doctor. According to Neil Gaiman, a writer on Doctor Who, a black actor was offered the role and he didn’t take it. That would sadden my heart quite a bit more if I didn’t like Capaldi so much. I mean, just say his name. Capaldi. Capaldi. Capaldi.

But I don’t really want to talk about the disappointment people see in Capaldi. I would prefer to speculate about all the things he could possibly do that would be awesome. Here we go.

Future-Sonic-Screwdriver-Doctor-Who_12496-lHis Screwdriver. What will it look like? Considering the fact that Eleven has had not one, but two different TARDIS consoles, I think it’s safe to say Twelve gets a new sonic. It was red, then blue, then green. I think the next one should be purple because why the hell not. Maybe he’ll even have one that’ll do wood.

His TARDIS. The TARDIS console doesn’t always change between Doctors. Nine and Ten had the same console. Considering the fact that, again, Eleven ha two friggin consoles I think it’s safe to say we’ll be getting a new one.

His companions. We know Clara will be there at the start, but something tells me she’ll  be leaving at the end of season eight. Who should join him in the TARDIS then? Someone like Sarah Jane, maybe? A sassy Donna? A fabulous Jo? Will we have more than one companion?

His Doctor. Do you want to see someone quirky or kooky? Dark? Personally, I would love to see a Doctor who goes around insulting people and just doesn’t realize he’s doing it. While Clara just follows him around and apologizes for his antics. I don’t know why I would like that. I Just would. Quite a bit.  

Let me know what you think about the new Doctor and such in the comments below! And while we’re on the subject, I feel the need to ask:

Who is your favorite Doctor and what did you like about him? Favorite Companion(s)?



Doctor Who: A Female Doctor

Some people have expressed disappointment due at the fact that the 12th Doctor is not a woman. A controversial topic, I am actually quite glad the 12th Doctor is a man. It’s not because I believe the part should only ever be a man. Not at all. I just don’t think now is the right time to introduce the Doctor as a woman. Here’s why:

If a female Doctor were to be introduced, it would not be becasue they looked at her and they actually felt she was the best person for the part. The lead writer can’t see a woman in the part, which would mean there would be a huge disconnect in the writing, and the show would suffer for it.  Sad, but true.

Sara Jane Smith and K-9 in Classic Who

Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 in Classic Who

People have also been saying that young girls who watch the show need a cool role model, and young boys need to see strong women. They say that because The Doctor has never been female, the show does not provide this. This is actual, good and proper, bull shit. If you can’t find a female role model in this day and age, then you aren’t looking in any of the right places. Really, if you can’t find a female role model in Doctor Who then I’ll have to ask if we’re watching the same Doctor Who. My favorite companion of all time is Sarah Jane Smith – becasue she was cooler than the Doctor! She was strong and independent and she didn’t need no man. I loved the fourth Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith. As much as I love four, when she left I started to lose interest. I could go on about the women of Doctor Who. But I’ll let you imagine that conversation and skip straight ahead to Clara. She has been the hero of every single episode she has appeared in. She has saved that Doctor more times than can be counted. If that doesn’t spell out a good role model then I don’t know what does.

Now, if the Doctor actually was made female, the dynamic of the show would shift considerably. The show needs to show leads of different genders for it to work – two girls or two guys would just be boring. So a female doctor would need a man in her TARDIS and becasue of her sheer competency, the man would be rendered completely useless. It would be weird and a bit unpleasant to watch.

A good enough excuse to use this

A good enough excuse to use this

UNLESS he became the Robin to her Batman. She would need to save him or take on a motherly role or else it would just be weird. Knowing Moffat, this dynamic would not happen at all. It would probably be a romance type deal. Which could either make her some awkward sex figure or provide an overly flustered girl girl. Which could be funny if Moffat would not inevitably hurl her object of affection of a tall structure of some sort. Or he would give up and just have a female companion anyway which would, again, be very boring. And, a female Doctor, being so new, would require a ton of exposition. Moffat, like any writer, hates dealing with exposition. So he ignores it all together. Which would be bad.

And finally.

The point of women on the show is not to say you have to be in the obvious position of power to be strong. They succeed with the doctor, sometimes becasue of the doctor, and – lately – despite the doctor. The Doctor would be absolutely nowhere without the female companions. That’s what’s brilliant about them.

Basically, the viewers aren’t ready for a woman, the writers sure as hell aren’t ready for a woman, so now is a terrible time to make the Doctor a woman.

So what do you think? Is the show ready for a female Doctor? Do you ever want to see female Doctor? Share your thoughts in the comments!