the iron lady

Dragon Age: Meet the Heroes, Part III


Dragon Age has recently began releasing character teases leading up to their Monday reveal at E3. In the past, we had bios from CassandraVivienneMorrigan, and Varric. And while what we’re getting aren’t quite full profiles, they’re definitely intriguing and do a lot to suggest the motivations and general personalities of the characters in the game.

So far, they’ve released teasers for Sera and Iron Bull, and Blackwall. Today, we get to see Vivienne:


The Ambition. We already know a bit about Vivienne. She appeared in the gameplay video at PAX, in the inquisitor’s party along with Varric and Cassandra.

“Rest assured, dear Seeker. I’m never truly out of my element.”

The website has this to say about her:

Referred to as Madame de Fer, “the Lady of Iron”, Vivienne lives up to her title. A leader among the mages and official enchanter to the Imperial court, she is renowned as a fearsome woman who achieved her position through guile and deft political maneuvering. Vivienne allows nothing to stand in the way of what she desires—not those who claim she is a social climber, not those who seek to restrict her power, not even her fellow mages who would conscript her into a rebellion with which she disagrees. Vivienne fights to restore order in a world gone mad…so long as that leaves her among those left standing, once all is said and done.

She was the personal enchantress and adviser to Empress Celene and was set to become first enchanter in Montsimmard or Val Royeaux – which is the location of the White Spire, the setting of Asunder and appearing as well in Dawn of the Seeker. The Mage-Templar war began before she could fully assume her position. Her goal with the inquisitor seems to end the war and help the mages in any way she can.

Vivienne already seems like a very interesting character. She’s tough, but feminine and views herself as extremely fashion-forward. She might come off as another Orlesian snob, but I think that might turn out to be a fun quirk of her character. She is classy, refined, and intelligent. And she is fully aware of this. I look forward especially to seeing her interaction with the other companions. The gameplay video made it seem like, although she and Cassandra view the war quite similarity, the women had a budding almost-rivalry. Which I can understand. Their personalities clash, but their general dispositions don’t.

From what they’ve shown us so far, Vivienne is already an intriguing character. I can’t wait to see how her story plays out.

I am still unreasonably excited for this game, and i will continue to post information as I get it. Expect some more DA spam after E3.